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Our artistic world maps permitted us to start collaborations with interior designers, and furniture producers. Frequently we create artistically engraved metals and decorations for different applications. For exclusive environments, we create wall coverings and decorative panels as well metal decor, metal signs, and plates.

On demand we produce wood & marble tiles with 24k gold inserts and other metals inlaid,and also art metals slabs to decor  furniture, walls, doors, ceilings, lifts. Lately even artistic metal labels and inserts for various brands in different sectors.

As mentioned about the metals ,we don't use lasers, CNC milling, waterjet cutting, or other common technologies but jewellery technologies so our focus is to obtain always the perception of real jewelry art in all of our works. We are proud to affirm that we are a unique company that gives this kind of support about the artistic metals applications.

Art metals created with strong adhesive on the back,  simply to apply directly (like stickers), in an easy way is possible to obtain exclusive decoration of walls, surfaces, furniture, ceilings, doors, lifts, external glasses.

Some example:

The presidential palace of The Republic of Angola ( main wall).


House in Astana

Example of marble worked by CNC before the application of 24k gold plated inserts.

 House in Kiev

Is possible to create artistic metal and gold inserts to apply or inlay in special tiles. Fine marbles, onyxes, woods, stones so as to obtain incredible finishings.

Exclusive wardrobes covered with antique engraved bronze made for a furniture company.The draw of the engravings on bronze was requested from the client.

Art metal decoration and frames of the 4 giant doors of the house of the Minister of Bahrain.