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Our Story

   Marco Terni Poletti

ITAS  is  the  brainchild  of  Marco  Terni  Poletti,  and  the  name  ITAS  it’s  just  the  acronyms  of  Italian  Technologies  Art  &  Style.

ITAS was born in 2010 in Codogno a small city south of Milan. Marco the founder as an expert technician with more than 25 years of experience gained in jewelry technologies and high technological machinery just there started his dream. The dream was to be free to use his know-how and creativity just for the pleasure to create metal wall globes and artworks out the box.

Marco creating art metal decorations and being the only one to realize these artworks have started the first collaborations with luxury furniture producers, contract companies, and interior designers studios. So thanks to these companies that started to include these artistic metals and wall globes in their projects, Itas has become reality.

It was the first time that the maps could be reinterpreted in artworks. Real wall jewels not to wear, but dedicated to the environments we live in. Considering every part of the earth as an amazing jewel has sprung the idea to give also real preciousness and the artistic value to every map.

A modern materic artwork where are blended an exclusive mix of creativity, technologies, natural materials, extreme workmanships, engraved metals, and 24k gold.

Only this unique mix of many know-hows derived from mechanical precision engineering sectors and molds for jewels allows these artistic creations.Mr.Angelo (Marco's father ) and the team made up of 3 people join Marco in his artworks.

Two elements make it possible to create these artworks, the first is a strong passion for all kinds of art engraving of metals - by the chisel, EDM ( electric discharge machining), chemical, mechanical, etc. The second is the use of noble materials such as copper, bronze, steel, brass, 24k gold as well as genuine mother-of-pearl, stone, and wood.

The  passion for jewelry works, extreme workmanships, and engraved metals are the basis of each work. Know-how, craft skills, precious materials, and  technologies used in an unusual  way, unique in the world.

Extremely technical and geometrical precision allows faithful materials reinterpretation of paper maps turning into real wall jewels. Countries, islands,  different elements and details made with metals where each insert is in fact like a real jewel.

Each art panel means hard work, patience, creation of hundreds and hundreds of perfect metal inserts, that are engraved, cut, polished, enameled, and inlay one by one by hand.
 So metals and materials that make it into a refined new kind of artistic metal mosaic.

Harmonies and contrasts of metals and materials that convey emotions, elegance, light ,not only for yachts, offices, homes, or the Ho.Re.Ca sector but for any kind of interior. Artworks that always arouse strong interest, admiration, and refinement , giving the greatest prestige to any environment.

An unconventional art and the passion for a job out the box that wants to express the best  MADE IN ITALY concept.